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R&D tax credits for video gaming

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An introduction to the R&D tax credit system

Spending money on new ideas can be risky, so many businesses shy away from it as it brings costs but not necessarily any income. In 2001 the UK government set up the R&D scheme to encourage companies, large and small, to put more time and effort into innovation.

Since then more than £6.5bn has been claimed as tax relief and the number of claims increases each year. However, Research & Development Tax Credits are still in the main misunderstood or bypassed by many companies as they believe it is not for them….

Many of them are wrong…. Don’t fall into that
pot and miss out.

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Included in this guide...

  • What is the R&D tax credit system?
  • Who is it for, could it be for you?
  • What are the two schemes for R&D tax credits?
  • Looking at qualifying criteria for creative companies
  • How to spot possible R&D work and projects
  • What cost can be put in an R&D claim?
  • Why make a claim?

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